Gameday Complete Athlete Training Program!

The Gameday Complete Athlete Training Program is a multi-dimensional, athletic development, strength & conditioning program for youth athletes.

We believe in training the entire athlete instead of focusing on just one aspect of the game. When you build athleticism and strength all aspects of your game improve.

This program is designed to improve all ten motor abilities:


The program is designed by Coach Shane Miller, who has coached speed-strength & conditioning to athletes of all ages and skill levels for over 16 years. He has helped hundreds of athletes find the edge they need to compete at the highest level!

“Since starting strength and conditioning with Coach Shane, we have seen significant changes in our son’s physical appearance and strength, as well as improvements in his baseball abilities and skills.  Our son’s throwing velocity has increased dramatically, he has gotten much stronger at the plate, and he has improved his speed around the bases.  And, now that our son is seeing results, he wants to work that much harder!  In addition, his confidence in his abilities has improved, which is so encouraging to see as a parent!
Coach Shane knows exactly how to motivate the boys and push them to their potential.  He makes personal connections with each of the boys he works with.  Coach Shane not only helps the boys get stronger, he also talks to them about the importance of good nutrition.  He encourages the boys to have good, healthy eating habits, which goes hand-in-hand with strength and conditioning.  We truly feel like Coach Shane is helping to instill healthy habits in our son that will carry him through not only his baseball career, but throughout his lifetime.
We couldn’t be more happy with the program that Coach Shane was created.  We have seen significant changes within our son.  We would highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the knowledge that Coach Shane has to offer.”
Jennifer Miller

Parent, Parker, Colorado

Through regular and consistent participation athletes should expect to experience:

  • Increase striking power
  • Increase throwing velocity
  • Increase running speed
  • Increase agility and foot speed
  • Increase in overall conditioning & fitness
  • Increase coach-ability with greater body awareness
  • Decrease risk for injury

Weekly Training Sessions Include:

  • Instruction for proper form & technique
  • Mobility/ Stability work to repair, restore, and prevent injury
  • Performance and health nutrition coaching
  • Success mindset and character building


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