People.  Passion.  Purpose.

Gameday is a Christian based non-profit company focused on providing a better baseball environment for youth baseball players and their families.
Gameday is comprised of people who care about the development of our youth, not just on the baseball field but in life.  Our baseball trainers are all former collegiate players and many of them have professional baseball experience.  Our professional training staff focuses on all aspects of the game and all have the ability to teach youth players.  Everyone shares the same passion for the game and our staff loves what we do.  As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.  This truly shows in every instructor that works for Gameday and trains our youth players.  Gameday is made up of people with passion working toward a common purpose of impacting lives for Christ.  We believe in incorporating the “AND” in everything we do:
Our program’s purpose is to develop young men AND great baseball players.
We provide excellent baseball training AND make it a great value for families.
We blend Christian values AND excellent baseball instruction.
Our mission is Faith Matters. Character Matters.  Excellence Matters.

Our Program. 

We operate Youth Teams from 9-14 years old.  We operate High School Summer and Fall Club teams as well as collegiate summer teams.  We offer camps and clinics with current and former Major League baseball players and play host to over 30,000 fans and players from February-October at our two fully turfed fields.  Our goal is to work with our players and build them through our program to have a successful youth, high school and college career.  We’re too new to have produced a Pro player but we have a few in development!

Our Facility. 

We operate Colorado’s premier indoor and outdoor training facility in Colorado.  Two lighted and turf baseball fields and a 30,000 square foot sports bubble.  We have the ability of operating our practices utilizing both indoor AND outdoor at the same time yielding the most productive use of practice time.  Our practices are never snowed or rained out. 

Our Instructors. 

Led by Gameday’s Director of Baseball Operations, Mike Koons, all of our instructors love teaching the game and it shows.  Mike was a former D1 pitcher at San Diego State playing under Tony Gwynn.  He was drafted by the Houston Astros where he played professionally.  
We employ all former college baseball players and they are all specialize in at least one aspect of the game from Hitting to Pitching to Infield/Outfield work to Base running.   Together they have the ability to create knowledgeable AND well-rounded baseball players.  
An important fact:  All of our instructors offer private lessons to players both inside and outside of our program.  

Our Philosophy.  

We believe youth baseball players should learn to play all positions on the field.  As they develop they will begin to specialize in one to two positions and will be given the tools and the time to hone their craft.  We teach our players how to play the game the right way AND how to deal with adversity.  We are not a “win at all cost” program.  We believe that baseball teaches valuable life lessons.

Our Faith. 

We are a Christian based baseball program and we do integrate biblical principles into our practices and interactions with our players.  We believe more in allowing our actions to speak loader than our words AND to provide our players with positive adult role-models.  Rick Eisenberg is our lead Hitting Instructor and our Gameday Chaplain.  After a successful college career at Oklahoma University where he played in the College World Series Rick has found his true calling teaching the game of baseball AND teaching the Lord’s word.  In 2016 we started a program for our teams called “Gameday Cares”.  All of our teams are offered opportunities to make a difference in our community by giving back.  This season our young men participated in outreach programs with local nursing homes, the Ronald McDonald House, Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine, The Parker Task Force and many others.  “Wins and losses are quickly forgotten.  Doing things that really matter last a lifetime”.

Our Members. 

Every player playing on a Gameday team is a member of our Gameday program.  We offer more than great baseball facilities and great instruction.  We offer a great environment for kids.  We offer a community.  Baseball is just a relatively small part of our player’s lives.  We create programs and events outside of the game of baseball for our members.  Our sports bubble and baseball fields are safe-harbor for our players and we have a ton of fun with our fields.  We play whiffle ball, kick ball and flag football.  In the past we have hosted a Movie Night inside the Bubble for players and their families.  We regularly have guest speakers come into our program and talk about their lives and their work.  These speakers include local youth pastors, local business men and women and former and current professional athletes. 

Our 2018 Gameday Team Offering:

We operate teams from age 9 through 14.  At each age level we offer a player either a Dad Coached Teamand/or a Gameday Coached Team.  Our program offers more Indoor and Outdoor practice time than any other program in Colorado.  There is not another baseball program in the State that provides as much player value as Gameday.    Two existing lighted and turf fields and 30,000 square foot sports bubble.  We are Colorado’s premier baseball facility.
We also offer the most in-depth and developmental baseball training program in Colorado featuring Mike Koons (Pitching), Rick Eisenberg (Hitting), Mike Quade (Catching) and Colt Sedbrook (Infield/Outfield).  In addition, another 12 former D1 and D2 baseball players will be a constant presence during our instructional practices. We also offer the largest amount of total hours of instruction of any competing baseball program in the state and our player to instructor ratio is incredible!  
Here is what each player receives:

January-March (13 weeks)    (2) weekly Team Practices for 2 hours each:          52 hours

April-July (18 weeks)          (2) weekly Team Practices for 1 1/2 hours each:    54 hours

That’s a total of 106 Hours of Practice Time…rain or shine!  Plus, we offer exclusive Open Member time in the Bubble! Open member time are Saturdays and Sundays from January through March 2018 to work individually or with your teammates.  

In 2018, Gameday has contracted exclusively with America’s top baseball instructor, Nate Trosky.  Nate is known for his focus on the mental part of the game paired with his working knowledge of how to effectively teach the game of baseball.  He is based in Northern California and he’s responsible for guiding thousands of players into collegiate baseball and another 100+ players into Professional Baseball.  His unique approach to teaching continues to have an impact on our players. 

Our Fees Are:

 $1,900 for the season (Jan-Jul) for Dad coached teams and $2,300 for the season (Jan-Jul) for Gameday coached teams. All tournament fees and uniforms are extra.
Coaches and families on this team will mutually decide upon these expenses and divide equally amongst players. Uniform Package is $350.