Gameday Softball

Gameday Softball Program

2018 Club Softball with Skills Development Program


·     Teams will receive 13 weeks of Professionally Instructed practices on Saturday from 8am-10am led by Jimmie Acosta and his staff, comprised of former collegiate softball players. Practice will take place within best indoor facility in the state of Colorado, designed specifically for baseball and softball, the Gameday Bubble.

·     Teams will receive additional practice day on Sunday from 8am-10am within the facility for individual team practices led by team coaches or when weather permits, field time on one of Gameday’s outdoor softball/baseball fields.


·     Teams will receive (2) days per week field time at a local (Parker area) High School softball field and batting cages as designated practice time for 2 hours each practice.


• Gameday fees include 1.5 hr time block both Sat/Sun in 2nd quarter designated for SOFTBALL OPEN Member time

• Gameday Fees per player $1800

• Uniform Cost per player $300


Contact Jimmie Acosta if interested in joining:

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