Speed-Strength Training Group Sessions by Coach Shane

This year we are excited to including speed-strength training from Coach Shane Miller in our Gameday-led practice sessions. While this training is effective and we believe will better each of our teams, it is also important to know that this type of training can be greatly enhanced by an and additional 1-2 sessions per week.  Coach Shane has created group training session availability to allow for optimal results for your athlete.
These sessions will require an additional fee and are of course, optional based on the performance expectations you and your athlete have agreed upon.
Group training is open to all Gameday athletes. You do not need to sign up with your team. Choose the session that works best for you.

This 10-week program is designed to:

  1. Build foundation/ improve speed & strength mechanics
  2. Educate athletes about optimal nutrition and establish healthy eating habits
  3. Introduce recovery principles to increase performance and decrease risk of injury
  4. Provide extended arm care and recovery practice

Cost: $300

For those seeking individual work with Coach Shane, we invite you to contact him directly.